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See How to Find a User's SID in the Registry further down the page for instructions on matching a username to an SID via information in the Windows Registry, an alternative method to using WMIC. The wmic command didn't exist before Windows XP , so you'll have to use the registry method in those older versions of Windows To find the SID of all users in your system, follow one of the below methods. Both work the same. Command Prompt Command: First, open the Command Prompt from the Start menu and execute the below command. If you look at the command, it is pretty much similar to the specific user command but a tad bit different. wmic useraccount get name,si SID: PsGetSid will report the account for the specified SID. Computer: Direct PsGetSid to perform the command on the remote computer or computers specified. If you omit the computer name PsGetSid runs the command on the local system, and if you specify a wildcard (\\*), PsGetSid runs the command on all computers in the current domain. @file: PsGetSid will execute the command on each of the.

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Example#3: Get SID of a user account from a domain other than current logged on user domain.\Get-UserSID.ps1-UserAccount testuser21, testuser1-DomainName winops.com. This script is a good alternative for psgetsid.exe utility and can be incorporated into any of your scripts to get a user account's SID details. Do you have any questions about the usage? Feel free to post it in comments section. Dann benötigt man nur einen einzigen Befehl, um die SID und den User zu bekommen, egal welche Daten vorliegen. Hier wird übrigens ebenfalls Windows PowerShell verwendet. Hier nutzen wir folgenden Befehl: Get-ADUser -Identity 'YOUR-USER' # oder Get-ADUser -Identity 'YOUR-SID' Beispiel an meinem Benutzer: Benutzer angegeben -> SID bekommen The Get-ADComputer cmdlet exposes the SID property of computer objects. This is the value of the objectSID attribute converted into a friendly string. The objectSID Active Directory attribute is a byte array, while the SID PowerShell property is a string. Edit: I should add that the GUID PowerShell property is the value of the objectGUID AD attribute converted into a friendly string.

How do I find the SID of a Server 2008 R2 machine. I'm assume the same process would go for most Windows machines. Home. Home. Windows. Windows Server. How to find SID of computer. by JrIT. on Mar 15, 2017 at 19:52 UTC. Solved Windows. The following example combines the SECURITY_WORLD_SID_AUTHORITY and SECURITY_WORLD_RID constants to show the universal well-known SID for the special group representing all users (Everyone or World): S-1-1-0. This example uses the string notation for SIDs in which S identifies the string as a SID, the first 1 is the revision level of the SID, and the remaining two digits are the SECURITY_WORLD. An SID, short for security identifier, is a number used to identify users, groups, and computer accounts in Windows. SIDs are generated when the account is first created in Windows and no two SIDs on a computer are ever the same. The term security ID is sometimes used in place of SID or security identifier Question: I wish to display my ORACLE_SID variable.How do I find the value of ORACLE_SID? Answer: There are several commands, some internal and some external to Oracle that will find your current ORACLE_SID.Within Oracle (SQL*Plus) you can display your ORACLE_SID with any of these commands How to Get SID for an Active Directory User/Group? The following command can be used to get a SID of the current domain account: whoami /user. You can find out the domain user SID using WMIC tool. You must specify your domain name in the following command: wmic useraccount where (name='jjsmith' and domain=′corp.woshub.com′) get sid. To find the SID of an AD domain user, you can use the Get.

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Ein Security Identifier, kurz SID, ist ein eindeutiger Sicherheits-Identifikator, den Microsoft Windows NT automatisch vergibt, um jedes System, jeden Benutzer und jede Gruppe dauerhaft zu identifizieren.. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 6. Mai 2019 um 15:04 Uhr bearbeitet Get Sid for free Sid combines encrypted group messaging and file transfer. Communicate in your team more secure and more efficient than via email. Send large files faster thanks to a direct connection between the devices and our intelligent network detection The Get-ADGroup cmdlet gets a group or performs a search to retrieve multiple groups from an Active Directory. The Identity parameter specifies the Active Directory group to get. You can identify a group by its distinguished name (DN), GUID, security identifier (SID), Security Accounts Manager (SAM) account name, or canonical name To get the SID of a Windows user or group use the PsGetSid command. The command is part of the sysinternalssuite. The sysinternalssuite is for free and you can download it at Microsoft. No installation is necessary simply extract the zip file. Example: Get the SID of the local Users group [C:\]psgetsid User incase anyone comes across this, having spoken with the guys on technet this command worked for me to get all the LOCAL user accounts SID's (in the event that you're not looking for domain users SID's) get-wmiobject Win32_UserAccount -filter LocalAccount=TRUE -computer COMPUTERNAME | out-file -filepath C:\Results.txt . Poblano. OPKoala Aug 12, 2014 at 03:17pm On running the second script I.

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  1. Sid verwendet Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung für jede zu übertragende Nachricht und Datei. Die Schlüssel für die Verschlüsselung werden auf den eigenen Geräten erzeugt und nur dort gespeichert. Im Gegensatz zu Systemen, die mit Passwörtern arbeiten wird bei Sid dein privater Schlüssel für die Autorisierung und Autentifizierung verwendet
  2. Sid is a secure team chat and file transfer tool with peer-to-peer technology for mobile and desktop devices
  3. Get-Local Group [[-SID] <SecurityIdentifier[]>] [<CommonParameters>] Description. The Get-LocalGroup cmdlet gets local security groups in Security Account Manager. This cmdlet gets default built-in groups and local security groups that you create. Note. The Microsoft.PowerShell.LocalAccounts module is not available in 32-bit PowerShell on a 64-bit system. Examples Example 1: Get the.
  4. Eine SID hat eine variable Länge und besteht aus 5 Bestandteilen, die mit Bindestrichen getrennt angezeigt werden. Vorn steht zuerst das S als Prefix, dann folgt eine Revisionnummer (immer die 1 bei NT und W2k) und ein 48-bit-Wert mit dem Namen Identifier Authority - die 5 (immer die 5 bei NT) am Anfang steht für Windows Security System.Dahinter folgt der 32-bit-Wert SubAuthority (1

SUSER_SID can be used as a DEFAULT constraint in either ALTER TABLE or CREATE TABLE. SUSER_SID can be used in a select list, in a WHERE clause, and anywhere an expression is allowed. SUSER_SID must always be followed by parentheses, even if no parameter is specified. When called without an argument, SUSER_SID returns the SID of the current security context. When called without an argument. In this article we will such approach to find out what is the SID of current logged on user account using PowerShell. DotNet assembly System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement has a class called UserPrincipal which gives a simple way to get SID of current logged user. There are several other ways to do it but I found this is easiest of all

Now you get different sid and session variables empty for each session_start if condition is met (i.e. user hits refresh on user/password form, which I needed badly :). Hope this helps someone out there. Env: localhost Note: condition is mandatory, otherwise it destroys on each load. up. down -11 Anonymous ¶ 14 years ago. In response to simon at quo dot com dot au: The PHPSESSID is produced. Der SID bringt sie als Nachrichten-Anbieter Nr.1 auf den Markt. Bereits 2008 führte der SID als erste Nachrichten-Agentur das Thema Video konsequent ein. Mutig und erfolgreich. Heute ist der SID Content-Lieferant für nahezu alle großen Sender und digitalen Sport-Portale. Über 90 Prozent aller Sportredaktionen in Deutschland setzen auf den SID. 53. Redakteure sorgen für eine lückenlose. wmic useraccount where sid='INSERT SID HERE' get name, sid. Of course there is more information you can pull out of these queries, but that's best left to another post. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related . Computers, Hints and Tips, Tutorials, Windows. Post navigation. NEXT Initial ISO repository on a XenServer. In the context of the Microsoft Windows NT line of operating systems, a Security Identifier (commonly abbreviated SID) is a unique, immutable identifier of a user, user group, or other security principal.A security principal has a single SID for life (in a given domain), and all properties of the principal, including its name, are associated with the SID Finding Oracle_SID Of A Database. Need to set ORACLE_SID of a database. What if the person who installed database can't remember what it was, is it the same as the instance_name in the init.ora file? ORACLE_SID is the instance name, check init.ora for instance_name parameter. Check /etc/oratab file (or depending on Oracle version /var/opt/oracle/oratab) for a list of instances on the server.

This function returns a user name when provided a SID .Example Get-UserNameFromWMI -sid S-1-5-21-3746122405-834892460-3960030898-1217 returns domain and user name as shown here: NWTRADERS\testuser .Parameter SID The users SID .Notes NAME: Get-UserNameFromWMI AUTHOR: ed wilson, msf Microsof In order to get SID for particular domain user following command can be used:\n. wmic useraccount where (name='USER_NAME' and domain='DOMAIN_NAME') get sid. Please follow and like us: This entry was posted in AD DS and tagged SID, WMIC on January 13, 2014 by Mikhail. Post navigation ← How To: Get AD DS group membership for specific user (with filtering by part of group name) How to: add all.

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GetSIDGUI: A GUI Tool To Get Object SID From Name and Vice-Versa Attached herewith is the zip file containing the tool GetSIDGUI. This is a GUI Tool that gets the SID given an object Name and vice versa. We already have tools like this, e.g. SysInternals PsGetSID (Name2SID as it was earlier named), which obviously is the most famous.Like th To get the SID of an AD Object (User, Group, whatever) quickly, i recommend using PowerShell. When trying to get the SID using ADUC (Active Directory User and Computer Snap-in), you can not copy/paste the SID as a string since it is stored in a binary format Hello All, I am writing a windows service for use on domain computers. It captures user events using a hidden form and a message pump. I've been able to capture such events such as the computer being locked and unlocked. I'd like to be able to capture the SID of the currently logged in user · On my computer here ( which isn't on active.

You can get an Active Directory User's GUID and SID in C# by using UserPrincipal class. The UserPrincipal class exists under the namespace System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement and it is available only from .NET 3.5. # 1 - Create a new Console Application project in Visual Studio. # 2 - Add a a.NET reference System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagemen For example, the S-1-5-18 SID can be found in any copy of Windows you come across and corresponds to the LocalSystem account, the system account that's loaded in Windows before a user logs on. Here's an example of a user SID: S-1-5-21-1180699209-877415012-3182924384-1004 Yours will be different, but the purpose of each part of the SID remains the same: S: 1: 5: 21-1180699209-877415012. NewSID Der Security Identifier (kurz SID) ist eine einmalige Kennung für jedes Windows-System in einer Netzwerk-Landschaft. Um ein ganzes Netzwerk an Computern mit neuen Windows-Version. Step 6 - Domain level SID do not change. Since the domain level SID did not change, the binary SID value in SQL Server sys.server_principals will remain the same. If we check the domain level SID and the SID stored in SQL Server on SQLP2, they would produce the same output as on SQLP1 for both the and the database user. If we execute a create table DDL on SQLP2, db_owner permission.

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  1. I have been told there is a way to get a users name and their SID in C#, does anybody have code or know a very detailed and easy to understand site? What I am trying to do is this, when a user logs in my application starts, I then need to update a table in PostgreSQL to change the amount of s they have. But to do that (as there will be many different users) I need the username that.
  2. The hard drive was from a domain computer and the NTFS permissions only showed the SID as the recovery computer was a workgroup computer and didn't have access to the domain. I wanted to re-apply the NTFS permissions on the replaced drive so I needed to know which each SID belonged to. Run the following on a computer that is a member of the domain: Import-Module ActiveDirectory Get-ADUser.
  3. PHP LDAP get user SID. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 1 month ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 4k times 3. 1. I don't know how to get users unique identifier (SID) in AD. Code fragment
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Hey everyone, Basically I'm looking for help retrieving user SID's in unmanaged C++. I am new too unmanaged code, but I'm familiar with c# -as if that helps :-) I need to be able to grab the current users SID (for the user executing a simple console app), and store it in a string. The SID will then be used to construct a unique path for each based on thier SID and session ID The Oracle System ID is used to uniquely identify a particular database on a system.For this reason, one cannot have more than one database with the same SID on a computer system. When using RAC, all instances belonging to the same database must have unique SID's.. Switching between databases []. Set the ORACLE_SID environment variable (or ORA_SID on VMS systems) to work on a particular database Set objAccount = objWMIService.Get _ (Win32_UserAccount.Name='kenmyer',Domain='fabrikam') Wscript.Echo objAccount.SID As you can see, the SID is practically longer than the script. All we do here is connect to the WMI service, and then use the Get method to bind to a specified instance of the Win32_UserAccount class. Notice we don't use ExecQuery and return a collection of all.

In this video I am going to show you how to get your users SID How to display your Oracle session ID number. Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonNovember 10, 201 Reset WSUS Authorization and get new WSUS SID Sometimes Machines will get updates from WSUS and not report. This is usually caused by Duplicate WSUS SIDs shared between machines. This is usually a result of cloning or deploying from a template. Once you run this script the machine will delete its current SUS ID and reach out . Download. Reset WSUS Authorization.bat. Ratings . 4.8 Star (25. Script below to get the CU SID and save it to an environment variable called USERSID. #-----© 2015 v23c LTD. Event 1069 - TerminalServices-RemoteConnectionManager. Task Manager Lite. AppSense AM - How to Disable an exe via Computer AD Group Membership (PowerShell Scripted Rule) AppSense DesktopNow - Windows Server 2012 Pre-requisites using PowerShell. PowerShell Script to get Current User SID. Mit diesen Tricks entwickelst du deine Zivilisation vom kleinen Dorf zur Weltmacht und wirst vom Anfänger zum Eroberer

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  1. Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers * Note: The output of the above command will be a more detailed report for all apps installed (see screenshot-2), that contains additional information for each installed package. (e.g. the installation location of the package). Part 2. How to View the Installed Windows 10 Apps & Packages for a Single User
  2. هر گونه باز نشر اطلاعات بانک های تحت اختیار این مرکز تنها با ایجاد پیوند به تارگاه sid و ذکر منبع مجاز است. استفاده از لوگو و نام مرکز به عنوان حامی و همکار علمی، بدون اخذ مجوز کتبی از مرکز اطلاعات علمی جهاد دانشگاهی.
  3. Thanks for the question, Koshal. Asked: November 26, 2006 - 2:28 pm UTC. Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: August 01, 2019 - 7:50 am UT
  4. How to Convert SID to User Name using PowerShell December 16, 2015 Radhakrishnan Govindan Leave a comment Some time we will be having requirement to convert SID to Group/User Name or Group/User Name to SID
  5. Möchte man sich einen Überblick über bestehende Gruppen im Active Directory machen, dann dient das Cmdlet Get-ADGroup diesem Zweck. Wesentlich bei seiner Verwendung ist der erforderliche Parameter -Filter, mit dem sich das Ergebnis nach verschiedenen Kriterien eingrenzen lässt (möchte man einfach alle Gruppen ausgeben, dann verwendet man -Filter *)
  6. Nach dem Setup musst du manuell den https-Parameter in der OXID eShop config.inc.php setzen, damit keine force_sid in der URL erzeugt werden und ggf. dadurch duplicate content bei den Suchmaschinen passiert

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Where can I get help with Sid? You can get help in the #debian-next channel on OFTC and on the mailing lists. See also. Unstable . Avoid using the unstable branch and How is security handled for testing and unstable? (from the Securing Debian Manual) Status/Unstable - Current status of Unstable. For information about packages in Sid for your architecture, see auto-builder status. https://www. Buy Sid Meier's Civilization V 5 - The Complete Edition PC today. Instant download, 24*7 support, great prices get it on cdkeys.co


How to Get SID of logged in user It is require to get SID of the user at the time of changing user details after restrore AX database. Open Command prompt. run command, whoami /user. Posted by Darshan. No comments: Post a comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Featured post . Create custom workflow D365 finance & Operations. Popular Posts. Dynamics AX 2012. Easy way to get SID Most of the time when we switch back and forth from staging to production environment, we want to get the SID for the current user setting, here are the steps you can perform to scussfully logon to Dynamics AX It accepts a string sid in the form S-1-5-21.... and then loops through a container extracting the sid of each object, converting the extracted sid to a string and then comparing it to the search sid. When it finds a match it calls the get_Groups sub passing the current user object. This user object is then used to list the users group memberships Hakko, danke für den Tipp. :) Das psgetsid habe ich benutzt, zweifele aber an der Richtigkeit der Ausgabe. SID for \\*****: S-1-5-21-4111017477-559195240-95719600 SID: NUMBER: Session identifier: SERIAL# NUMBER: Session serial number. Used to uniquely identify a session's objects. Guarantees that session-level commands are applied to the correct session objects if the session ends and another session begins with the same session ID. AUDSID: NUMBER: Auditing session ID : PADDR: RAW(4 | 8) Address of the process that owns the session: USER# NUMBER: Oracle.

Retrieve Your FEMA SID. Please enter the email address that you provided when registering for your FEMA SID. Federal Emergency Management Agency U.S. Department of Homeland Security 500 C Street SW; Washington, D.C. 20472 fema.gov | dhs.gov | usa.gov. Contact the Help Desk femasidhelp@cdpemail.dhs.gov 866-291-0696 | 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. CST. High Voltage SID Collection is a Commodore 64 music collection. It is one of the largest and most accurate computer music collections known So können Sie eine Netzwerk-SSID herausfinden. Bei der SSID (Service Set Identifier) handelt es sich um den Netzwerkschlüssel. Sie ist auch gleichzeitig der Name Ihres WLAN-Netzwerks.Sie benötigen den Schlüssel für das Einrichten einer Internetverbindung Looking for online definition of SID or what SID stands for? SID is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms SID is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronym

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Before we add users and groups to LDAP, we first need to explain the SID and RID used in the Microsoft environment. SID stands for Security IDentifier. Within an Microsoft networking environment the SID is globally unique. In comparision with Unix-like systems, you could create a group with gid 99 and a user with uid 99, meaning that on a system level both have an ID of 99. This is not. SID Ultimate. Perfectly balanced for the speed needs of XC. Riding SID Ultimate means every detail is considered. An all new chassis, matched with the new Charger Race Day damper is our lightest yet Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history's greatest leaders as you. The 'distribution' can be either the release code name / alias (jessie, stretch, buster, sid) or the release class (oldstable, stable, testing, unstable) respectively. If you mean to be tracking a release class then use the class name, if you want to track a Debian point release, use the code name. Avoid using stable in your sources.list as that results in nasty surprises and broken systems. The message SID is the first item displayed: To find the SID for a specific message via the API, make a GET request to the Messages List Resource. This will return a list of messages associated with your project along with details about each message. Each message resource will have a Sid property containing its unique Message SID

Sid is mostly heard scatting to music and is identified by having the same skull T-shirt that he wore as a kid, along with a yellow vest, goggles, a goatee, and a big set of headphones. He is seen again near the end of the film after the toys escape from the incinerator at the Tri-County Landfill and hitch a ride on his garbage truck to get. I get alias not found whether I use brackets back slashes space in between user and account or not use just user whatever I do. I just want to list all users and there SIDs in windows 10 and figure out why there were 20 users on my facebook url and why it stopped working it used to be simple to get this list Im Zusammenhang mit WLAN-Netzwerken taucht oft der Begriff SSID auf. Wir verraten euch in diesem Ratgeber, was eine SSID ist und wofür ihr. Get-Author. My name is Patrick Gruenauer. From Austria. Awarded the Microsoft MVP for PowerShell [2018-2021]. List-PostsByLanguage. Deutsch; English; Get-Categories. Cisco (39) Cyber Security (119) Microsoft 365 (34) Microsoft Azure (7) PowerShell (286) Windows 10 (105) Windows Server (235) Get-Series. Active Directory Zertifikatsdienste (1-8) [DE] Cyber Security (1-5) [DE] Nano Server (Teil 1.

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SID Fluke Productions. SID Fluke Productions. Hi. I am a Video Game Designer and Developer. I love making video games. The games here are made in less than a week. The art work is not the best. These are mostly Alpha versions and they will probably be re-skinned or may get a major overhaul. Feel free to play my games and please leave your comments. I would love some feed back. Contact me for. I have a need to find a username that was deleted from the AD using only the SID. I understand that Windows AD leaves being a Tombstone file that might contain this information. Can someone give. If Sid's imposing size and intimidating stature provided a physical advantage for the 6-foot-9 Superstar, the mind games he played against his opponents gave him a tactical edge. Though he initially introduced himself to the WWE Universe as the honorable Sid Justice, he quickly manipulated others to get himself ahead. He'd lure an ally into his comfort zone, only to betray them later as he.

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In der Datei /etc/apt/sources.list steht, woher Debians Paketverwaltung neue Programme und Aktualisierungen bekommt.. Hier wird, im Zusammenspiel mit den verwendeten Prioritäten in der /etc/apt/preferences (siehe auch AptPinning), schlussendlich festgelegt, welche Version man von Debian benutzt.Das Kommando apt-cache policy veranschaulicht dies, indem es alle Paketquellen und deren Priorität. Free Online GUID/UUID Generator. Use these GUIDs at your own risk! No guarantee of their uniqueness or suitability is given or implied Kombination Get-ADGroup und Set-ADGroup. Wirklich brauchbar wird Set-ADGroup in Kombination mit Get-ADGroup. Denn Sie können mit Get-ADGroup alle Gruppen, die Sie ändern möchten, auslesen. Dies funktioniert analog wie bei Get-ADUser beschrieben. Danach können Sie mit einer Pipe über Set-ADGroup das oder die Attribute an allen Gruppen.

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Directly inspired by the classic Sid Meier's Pirates!, this free update is going to add in another brand scenario to play through, balance changes, AI upgrades and more. The full detailed notes aren't available yet but they did put out something of a teaser video to show it off a bit. From what they said it's a 1-4 player mode that has you battle for treasure, and it will include new artwork. Install the necessary drivers, applications, and configure other Windows settings. The resulting image must be generalized by deleting computer-specific information (SID, GUID, etc.). You can generalize the Windows image with the Sysprep utility. Sysprep allows you to delete all the information related to a specific operating system Multitenant: Get isolation, agility, and economies of scale by managing multiple Pluggable Databases inside your Oracle Multitenant Container Database In-Memory: Support real-time analytics, business intelligence, and reports by keeping your important data in the Oracle Database In-Memory column store Partitioning: Enhance performance, availability, and manageability of your database with data.

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As we can see that SID is matching that's why user is mapped to same . Now, if we create AlwaysOn Availability Group or configure database mirroring or log shipping - we would not be able to map the user using sp_change_user_ because secondary database is not writeable, its only read-only mode.. Here is what we would see on secondary server if is created using UI Sid Meier's Pirates! Sail the Caribbean, marauding all on the high seas or ally your ship and crew as a privateer in search of riches - the life you choose is up to you. Face dogged enemies, raid unsuspecting villages, woo fair maidens, avoid capture or dig for buried treasure. Discover what it takes to become one of the most famous pirates in history! Recent Reviews: Very Positive (57) - 89%. www.schaeffer-poeschel.d Right Said Fred ist eine britische Pop-Band, die im Jahr 1989 von den Brüdern Fred (Christopher Abbott Bernard) Fairbrass und Richard Fairbrass gegründet wurde. Markenzeichen sind die Glatzen der beiden Sänger und ihre durchtrainierten Körper. Der Bandname basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Hit, den der britische Schauspieler Bernard Cribbins 1962 in den UK-Charts platziert hatte What is a FEMA SID? FEMA Student Identification (SID) number is a unique number generated and assigned to anyone who needs or is required to take training provided by a FEMA organization. Your FEMA SID uniquely identifies you throughout the FEMA organization and all of its agencies. The goal is for your FEMA SID to serve as your personal identification number instead of your Social Security.

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dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'kid' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. gettid() returns the caller's thread ID (TID).In a single-threaded process, the thread ID is equal to the process ID (PID, as returned by getpid(2)).In a multithreaded process, all threads have the same PID, but each one has a unique TID 2020 SID Election Results Executive Board. Takatoshi Tsujiumura. President. Achintya Bhowmik. President-Elect. John Kymissis. Treasurer. Frank Yan. Secretary. Bryan Chan. Bay Area Regional VP. Adi Abileah. Pacific & So. Americas Regional VP. Mike Weaver. East Americas Regional VP. Paul Lacey. Europe Regional VP. Haruhiko Okumura. Japan Regional VP . Junbiao Peng. Cross Strait Regional VP. Jun. Sid Burston, Actor: Road 2 Damascus. Sid Burston is an actor and producer, known for Road 2 Damascus (2011), Get Thee Behind Me (2010) and Attack on Maiduguri (2012)

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