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  1. utes and tickets cost EUR 2.70. Due to anti-COVID-19 measures, public transportation schedules may change without prior notice and posted schedules will not always be updated
  2. Eav bus napoli vesuvio Anreise zum Vesuv in Italien - Portanapol . Täglich fährt ein EAV-Bus von der Piazza Anfiteatro in Pompeji zum Parkplatz am Vesuv auf 1000 m Höhe - und zwar von 8.00 bis 15.30 Uhr (letzte Rückfahrt vom Vesuv um 17.40 Uhr). Die Fahrtdauer beträgt 55 Minuten. Es gibt vier Haltestellen: Porta Marina, Villa dei Misteri, Quota 400 Meter, Quota 750 Meter Von der.
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  4. SOCIO UNICO REGIONE CAMPANIA. Corso Garibaldi, 387 80142 Napoli ITALY. C.C.I.A.A. Napoli n. 4980 C.F. e P. IVA 00292210630. Capitale sociale € 50.000.000,0
  5. From Naples to Vesuvius, also, rides public, EAV company bus, which costs less than other private transfer companies, but unfortunately, it rides very rarely and in January and February it doesn't go at all. 3 - Go to Vesuvius by car . You can come with your own, rented car, which I do not advise because in Naples there's a lot of traffic and to drive up to Mount Vesuvius is quite.

Going to be in Naples for a day and a half, pulling into Napoli Centrale at 8:30 AM. Was told with the Artecard, assuming its working by then, I could take a bus from Napoli to Vesuvio, a bus from Vesuvio to Pompeii, and a train back from Pompeii to Napoli.It's a packed day, but this seems like the way to go since taking the train to each location mean walking, fooling around with the tour. From Naples - EAV Bus. The Company EAV Bus operates a shuttle service from the city center of Naples to Mount Vesuvius. Buses leave from the terminal of Piazza Piedigrotta and cross different parts of the city reaching the Vesuvius after 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can see the timetable here: EVN: Napoli- Vesuvio. From Naples to Vesuvius the. I plan on catching the EAV bus Pompei-Vesuvio According to the timetable there is a stop at the inferior autostrada entrance. Some older posts suggests it's just outside the circumvesuviana station, but some people confuse that with another bus service. Report inappropriate content . chiaraSofia. Sofia, Bulgaria. Level Contributor . 25 posts. 175 reviews. 163 helpful votes. 7. Re: Ercolano.

Eav bus napoli vesuvio schedules for the eav public bus

Napoli ↔ Vesuvius EAV Bus Ticket (valid as return ticket): €5,40 EAVBUS bus service from terminal bus in Piazza Piedigrotta. Timetable here. Pompei ↔ Vesuvius UNICOVESUVIO Pompei-Vesuvius Return ticket: €5,40 EAVBUS bus service from terminal bus in Anfiteatro Square. Timetable here. Napoli ↔ Pompei TIC Ticket NA-3: €3,20 CIRCUMVESUVIANA Railway to SORRENTO - stop: POMPEI SCAVI. Before our Pompeii bus pulled in, however, to my surprise I saw the Napoli-Vesuvio EAV Bus appear at around 12:35! It was largely empty on arrival and only picked up two passengers who wished to go back to Napoli. I can therefore confirm that the service DOES EXIST, but unfortunately I could not testify as to where its stops are within Napoli, its actual timetable and its reliability Answer 51 of 84: Going to be in Naples for a day and a half, pulling into Napoli Centrale at 8:30 AM. Was told with the Artecard, assuming its working by then, I could take a bus from Napoli to Vesuvio, a bus from Vesuvio to Pompeii, and a train back from Pompeii..

Finden Sie die besten Preise und buchen Sie Bustickets auf Deutsch 3. Von Pompeji: Mit dem EAV-Bus Linie Pompei-Vesuvio Täglich fährt ein EAV-Bus von der Piazza Anfiteatro in Pompeji zum Parkplatz am Vesuv auf 1000 m Höhe - und zwar von 8.00 bis 15.30 Uhr (letzte Rückfahrt vom Vesuv um 17.40 Uhr). Die Fahrtdauer beträgt 55 Minuten. Es gibt vier Haltestellen: Porta Marina, Villa dei Misteri, Quota 400.

A3 Napoli-Salerno Torre del Greco exit or Ercolano. Follow the instructions. How to reach us by bus. EAV bus that reaches Vesuvius from Pompeii. info: +39 081 20 09 91. Info and contacts. Contact us for any information: +39 0817775720 - guidevesuvio@virgilio.it . See all. Why take a trip on the Vesuvius? HISTORY. FLORA. FAUNA. MINERALS. Latest News on Vesuvius. Everything that happens around. Bus Connections . It is possible to buy Alibus ticket also in airport, at parking payment station in arrival area (ground floor of Multipiano parking) and at vending machine in the Terminal. Bus-stop for departure from the airport is bus parking, next to P1 parking. Bus-stop for arrival to the airport is in front of terminal

From the terminus of Piazza Piedigrotta in Naples the EAV Naples-Vesuvio bus which leads directly to the square at an altitude of 1000 meters from which the walking path begins for the Gran Cono. The line works every day, but is suppressed from the 1 January to the 28 February. Consult the official website for timetables. By subway . From Naples you can take both the 1 line is the 2 metro line. Answered: Hi! Does anyone had any experience with the EAV bus that goes from Naples to Mt. Vesuvius? I would like to use it but really not sure about the bus stop at Molo Beverello.. The timetable says Via Marina but it's quite a long road with many.. von der Piazza Piedigrotta, durch Eavbus linie Napoli-Vesuvio (*); von Capodichino Flughafen zum Hauptbahnhof (Piazza Garibaldi) mit dem Bus, weiter mit Zug Circumvesuviana (**) zu Ercolano-Scavi oder Pompei Scavi-Villa dei Misteri oder Pompei (zu Fuß zum Piazza Anfiteatro) und dann sehen, Punkt (1) , (2) oder (3) Visit Naples Official è la guida della città di Napoli. Scopri cosa fare a Napoli, dove dormire e i migliori posti dove mangiare. Visit Naples vi aiuterà a pianificare il vostro viaggio a Napoli dandovi informazioni utili e consigli su come visitare Napoli nel miglior modo possibile. English Italiano. English. Marketing Italia P.IVA 08368951219 in partnership with WIPLAB. Lavora con noi. Busvia del Vesuvio is a branch of the Torquato Tasso Cooperative of Sorrento which has been entrusted exclusively with tourist transport along the Matrone road, one of the oldest routes of Vesuvius through the appropriate ecological buses. BOOK HERE. Request info and book online in a few clicks. Vesuvius Busvia. The Busvia del Vesuvio A unique journey through the Matrone road. To follow this.

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Unico-Napoli-Ticket (Fahrzone 1): NEAPEL Für Fahrten in Neapel ist ein Unico-Napoli-Ticket nötig, die für Fahrten mit allen Verkehrsmitteln in Neapel berechtigt. Das umfasst alle Busse, Funicolare - Seilbahn, U-Bahnen und Straßenbahnen. Das Unico-Napoli-Ticket gilt nur innerhalb von Neapel. Einzelfahrschein - 90-Minuten Ticket -Preis: 1,70 Eur You can choose between Pompeii, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Herculaneum, Royal Palace of Caserta and many others. Check out the full list*! Are you 18-25** years old? Choose Campania 3 days Young pass. Read the brochure online * except for Alibus, Sita Sud lines for Sorrento / Positano / Amalfi and Eav bus Pompei/Vesuvio. The new Autumn timetable - 2020 is online, it's effective from September 01, 2020. For the schedules of the public services of the city of Naples, visit the site www.ctpn.it. For information on available services (traveling with animals, traveling with children, traveling by bike, etc.) of public transport, refer to the EAV Bus Mobility Car By bus: Circumvesuviana Line Pompei-Vesuvio. Stops at the terminal Pompeii: Amphitheater, Porta Marina, Villa of the Mysteries. Stop at Mount Vesuvius: Vesuvius parking 1000m altitude. driving time: 1 hour. Departure times from Pompeii: 8:00 - 9:40 - 10:30 - 11:20 - 12.20 - 13:00 - 13:50 - 14:40 - 15:30 Back from the parking place 1000m: 9:00 - 10:40 - 11.30 - 12:20 - 13:10 - 14.00 - 14.50. The bus connection from Pompeii to the Vesuvius is provided by EAV local services. Check out their bus times page for more information. (An intermediate stop is available at the Observatory, near Il fiume di lava, path n.9 of the Vesuvius National Park)

Campi Flegrei: An EAV bus (Napoli - Monte di Procida) leaves Piazza Vittoria (on the Naples waterfront, not far from Castel dell'Ovo) at 2250 bound for Pozzuoli, Cuma, Bacoli, and finally Monte di Procida. this bus is probably the best option for folks living in Pozzuoli and beyond who want to stay downtown beyond 10 PM (ANM bus #401 used to run between Naples and Pozzuoli until ~4 AM but is. Tramvia Napoli - Daily Transfer from Napoli, Sorrento, Pompei, Amalfi. Panoramic City Tour Napoli Take the EAV Bus and only the EAV Bus. You can't easily walk from Pompeii and you probably wouldn't want to either since it's a good 10km from the ruins. The mountain is also not really set out to walk up from the bottom. However, the top 200-300 metres is what you can walk up and has a path built in. To get to the entrance from Pompeii, you need to take a bus. The bus is the EAV Bus, it.

The ride from Naples to Sorrento is about 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online through the official EAV Campania website or at the Circumvesuviana ticket office 20 minutes before departure. The Napoli Garibaldi Circumvesuviana station is on the lower level of the Naples Centrale train station, below the high speed train platforms Unico Napoli tickets are now called TIC tickets and are required for travel within the City of Naples (Comune di Napoli). TIC tickets are valid on: all city (ANM) buses; the four funicular lines; regional EAV buses, Metro Lines 1, 2 and 6, and the Circumvesuviana, Circumflegrei and Cumana lines within the confines of the city. Tickets are. To bad we have only 6 whole and 2 half days (you can´t do much at half day..) and i need to do much more planning for timetables than I have used to do for past years. I was hoping we could visit Herculaneum and Pompeij at same day, but if we need to stop at pompeij to get the bus to Vesuvio, we can´t do all three at same day Naples, Bus terminal is located about 4.44 km from the town centre, which is only a 13 minute drive. Near Naples, coach station you can find: luggage storage (450 m), parking lot, mall or supermarket (490 m) and hotels or hostels (click here to see available accommodation) *. In case you want to continue your travel you have the following transport services available near Naples, bus station.

The point of boarding on our bus, at the airport of Naples is at the BUS parking area. The bus will be to the pickup point 10 minutes before the departure time. Autolinee Curreri SRL recommends to take the bus minimum 5 hours before starting the flight. There is expressede to any liability of flight loss. NB: Showing that the times which are indicated are oriented, as specially in high season. Answer 1 of 11: Hello, when we were last time on Ischia, we got an 'Orario Generale' at the main bus station in Porto. Does anyone know, if this table is now avaible (as a *.pdf) for download? I would like to carry it in my smarphone. Thanks is.. Partenze/Coincidenze . D

Amalfi - Positano - Sorrento: 2020 SITA BUS schedule/timetable. Route, schedule, tickets Looming above the Bay of Naples, Mt. Vesuvius (Monte Vesuvio) erupted in AD 79 and covered Pompeii in ash, preserving parts of the ancient city that can still be seen today. The volcano itself is still active—the only active one in continental Europe—and, though dormant, is considered to be one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes. Despite this, many visitors hike the mountain to see. Among others, EAV bus directly from across the train station departs multiple times a day (every 50 minutes in season, perhaps with 2-3 hr break at 12:00) and takes approx. 40-50 minutes. The online timetable may not be accurate - more reliably it should be available (at least) at the tourist info point at Naples Garibaldi station and at the Pompeii train station Circumvesuviana (Italian pronunciation: [ˌtʃirkuɱvezuˈvjaːna]) is a railway network in the east of the Naples metropolitan area, previously run by a company of the same name, now operated by Ente Autonomo Volturno [].Electrically powered throughout, the system uses the narrow gauge of 950 mm (3 ft 1 3 ⁄ 8 in) and operates 142 km (88 mi) of route on six lines

How to go to Vesuvius: 5 ways to reach the Naples volcan

EAV bus from Napoli Centrale to Vesuvio - Naples Forum

Gira Napoli is an app developed by LumiLab to make easier the use of local public transport in the metropolitan area of Naples. Developed in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples, the Azienda Napoletana Mobilità (ANM) and Napolike.it was made available at no cost with an integrated service of transport information (bus, metro, funiculars, trains, taxi, ships) The Ferrovia Circumvesuviana narrow-gauge suburban network provides an important suburban service east of Naples around the Vesuvio volcano. The inner sections, once meant to become lines 3 and 4 in the overall masterplan, were upgraded with double track and initially offer a train every 30 minutes. The proposed Line 3 is 12 km long and has 11 stations, 8 of which are underground. The first. Orari Autobus Urbani Castellammare di Stabia EAV BUS, Orari Autobus Extraurbani Castellammare di Stabia CURRERI Viaggi Linea Aeroporto Napoli <--> Costiera Sorrentina, Orari Autobus Extraurbani Castellammare di Stabia EAV BUS , Orari Autobus Extraurbani Castellammare di Stabia EAV BUS Linea Torre Annunziata - Boscoreale - Poggiomarino, Orari Autobus Extraurbani Castellammare di Stabia EAV BUS.

The Circumvesuviana train station Vesuvio - De Meis is located right outside the B&B and with it is possible to reach the Naples Central Station in just 5 stops for 10 minutes and San Giorgio a Cremano in a stop for 3 minutes. The last course is at 8pm after you can take 195 or M52R busses or a Taxi or also a transfer with me. The b&b is very close to the Ospedale del Mare di Napoli.

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